Map of Finland and neighbouring regions, 1532

This woodcut map was produced by Jacob Ziegler at Strasbourg in 1532. Ziegler (1470-1549) was a Bavarian scholar of theology, mathematics, astronomy and geography. As far as we know, he never travelled to northern Europe. Instead he visited Rome, where he interviewed four Scandinavian prelates. His map, based on this scare information and pure imagination, was far from accurate. He already knew, however, that Finland lied between the sixtieth and seventieth parallel of latitude and tried to place on his map the seven castles he had heard of: Korsholma (Corsholm), Kuusisto (Custa), Turku (Åbo), Raasepori (Rasburghum), Viipuri (Viburgh), Olavinlinna (Novum Castrum) and Hämeenlinna (Tavastia).

"A.E. Nordenskiöld Collection", no. 313:8, National Library of Finland (Helsinki).