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Gdansk Town Records - Office of the Presiding Burgomaster


Archiwum Państwowe w Gdańsku
State Archives in Gdansk
Gdansk, Poland

Record group

Gdansk Town Records - Office of the Presiding Burgomaster
Akta miasta Gdańska - Urząd Prezydiującego Burmistrza
Reference code : PL/10/300/1
Period : 1559-1794, 1807-1814
Extent : 433 items, 17.0 metres


This record group consists of the records of the office of the presiding burgomaster of the town of Gdansk. It contains decisions in court cases, testaments, ships' passports, reports on legations, and documents regarding cases of shipwreck, and inheritance and guardianship cases. Also included are documents regarding the Wisloujscie fortress, pilots and supervisors of the roadstead, taxes, safe-conducts for Jews, and appeals against decisions made by other institutions.

Relevant contents

Period : 1559 - 1794
Countries involved : Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Sweden, The Netherlands, Various countries
Languages : Latin, Low German

Relevant with regard to trade and shipping, especially shipwrecks, are the following items (all numbers begin with 300/1/):



Record creator / provenance

The burgomaster chaired the meetings of the council and represented the town outside its borders. He was in charge of the Wisloujscie fortress and its garrison, as well as the pilots and supervisors at the roadstead. The burgomaster also issued ships' passports and received notices on shipwrecks and maritime catastrophes, and subsequently settled the disputes between shipowners, merchants, captains and crew. Other disputes were tried by the town council. Other responsibilities included the handling of bankruptcies and requests for permission to reside in town, for example by traveling actors, circus performers and peddlers. During his absence, the burgomaster's responsibilities were taken over by his deputy, the vice–burgomaster.

Custodial history


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