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Danish National Archives


visiting and postal address
Rigsdagsgården 9
1218 Copenhagen K

+45.33 92 33 10 

+45.33 15 32 39 



project contact
Senior Researcher Erik Gøbel and student assistent Ulrich Flaskager Hansen

opening hours
Mon-Sat 9.00-16.00
in summer (from May to August): Sat closed

No papers necessary; located in the centre of town, next to the Parliament and Royal Library; good public transportation by bus or train.

holdings, mission, structure
The Danish National Archives keep c. 160 kilometers of shelved records, dating from the Middle Ages till today. Most records originate from the central government, the Royal Family, the Supreme Court, as well as private individuals and private institutions. The National Archives has been located on the same spot since 1582.

relevant publications
* a general guide in 10 volumes: Rigsarkivet og hjaelpemidlerne til dets benyttelse (Copenhagen, 1983-).

holdings concerning the Baltic Sea
Besides records of almost the same kind that can be found in other national archives, the Danish National Archives keep the famous Sound Toll Records, which is a register of all ships' passages through the Danish straits in and out of the Baltic Sea covering the period 1497-1857. The oldest part of this series has lacunae, but the series is uninterrupted from 1574 to 1857.

Sound toll register, 1750