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Jacob de la Gardie


Eesti Ajaloomuuseum
Estonian History Museum
Tallinn, Estonia

Record group

Jacob de la Gardie
Jacob de la Gardie
Reference code : 56
Period : 1616-1649
Extent : 39 items


The papers document many of Jakob de la Gardie's activities. These include his involvement in Swedish military campaigns and the provincial government of the Baltic provinces. There are also a number of personal documents, private correspondence, etc.

Relevant contents

Period : 1622 - 1622
Countries involved : Estonia, Latvia, Various countries
Languages : Swedish

Item 2 includes a receipt of Jakob de la Gardie permitting the merchant Jobst Dunte at Tallinn (Reval) to transport rye from Riga, Tallinn and other towns to Vienna.



Record creator / provenance

Jakob de la Gardie (1583-1652), son of Pontus de la Gardie, was a Swedish field marshal and large estate owner in Estonia. He commanded the Swedish forces in Russia at the beginning of the seventeenth century. He was appointed privy councillor in 1613 and signed the peace of Stolbovo between Sweden and Russia in 1617. He became the governor general of Estonia (Estland) and the vicegerent of Tallinn in 1619, and the governor general of Livonia (Livland) in 1622. After the death of King Gustav II Adolf, he was one of the five regents jointly ruling Sweden.

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